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The core is designed to work at a subconscious level, so it can be effective throughout daily life, not just when you are exercising. It needs to kick into action if you have to suddenly run for a bus, or swoop in to pick up your child when they fall over. It needs to work without you thinking about it.

Hypopressives exercises decrease or reduce internal pressure to the thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic areas of the body. They re-programme the core muscles, which are vital to managing pressure both consciously and subconsciously, and they increase their resting tone and involuntary function. In other words, the core, including the pelvic floor, starts to work again as it was designed to – without you having to think about it.

I teach Hypopressives on a one-to-one basis at clients' homes so please get in touch via the contact form to see my availability and prices. 


Pilates helps to increase both your strength and stamina without adding unwanted bulk because it focuses on developing your "core" postural muscles - muscles found in your abdominal and pelvic regions as well as in your back. Pilates exercises also target legs, glutes and arms making it an overall exercise program suitable for strengthening the entire body.

Pilates focuses on developing a stronger core while building strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, balance and good posture.


When Pilates strengthens your core, those muscles that control balance and coordination are also strengthened, helping to prevent falls and injuries. Increased flexibility also allows muscles to lengthen and be more pliable so they can bend and stretch further to alleviate the possibility of injury.



You are welcome to try one Pilates class for free before you decide to join our pre-paid courses. Valid for new participants only and not in conjunction with any other offers. 

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